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ADD:Fishery Dock, Shenghu, Jingjiang, Fujian.





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JINJIANG FUHONG AQUATIC CO., LTD, FUJIAN, founded in 2001, is an integrative enterprise that includes aquatic products deep processing, fishing, sales and export. It locates in Fishery dock, Shenhu village, Jingjiang county, Fujian, which is in the middle of Fujian coast and just 100 kilo meters away from Xiamen with convenient land and water transportation. Shenhu fishery port, named of “National Central Fishery Port”, is a key lighting fishery area in Fujian province with more than 200 fishing boat, advanced technology for sea fishing and fresh keeping, and excellent fresh degree. Thus, we win great advantage on the field of fresh material. Due to the above advantages, we make deep processing for aquatic products as the key industry of our company.

We have fixed assets of total investment of 50,000,000 RMB. The newly built workshop was completed in June, 2002 with an area of 20 mu. Now we have 2 independent and all closed workshops for aquatic processing conforming to hygiene standard. Besides, there is a modernized processing workshop is being constructed. The storage capacity is over 3000 tons. The assembling line for fish gruel is equipped with advanced outfits from Japan, Korea and Taiwan. All the manufacture equipment and facilities are the most advanced in China presently, and the output can reach to 80-100 tons per day. For efficient control on quality, the company constructed an office for aquatic products inspection which could detect the basic physics and chemistry index (elasticity, moisture content, white degree, total bacterium amount, colon bacillus, Sramana bacillus and other nosogenesis bacillus) for aquatic products and fish gruel. We have three freezing processing purchasing boat professionally purchase sea materials to guarantee the fresh degree of the processing raw material. We also signed supply agreements with more than 100 fishing boat. The whole procedure from unloading material to processing workshop just needs 5 minutes. Meanwhile, we attach great importance on applying excellent talent. We own high qualified technical management staff and more than 400 processing workers who are rich in management experiment and consummate skill to offer quality guarantee for the company.

As to newly established Fuhong, we firmly consist in our belief, constantly change our mind, regard quality if the long-term pursuit of the enterprise and rely on the modern management to improve our competitiveness. Now, we are introducing HACCP Food Security Management system. Our operation mind is “pragmatic, enterprising, mutual profit, constant development”. We are sincerely expecting your cooperation and to make progress together.

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